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People really need to check now and again if they are fit. There are people who are not too sure how they will hold up in the health and fitness department. Although they are not suffering from any health condition, some people just don’t have the means to determine whether they are healthy and fit. For people who have these concerns, they can check for themselves whether they are fit by using the Fitness Check Up Android App.

The Fitness Check Up Android App is a useful fitness app that will allow people to determine whether they are considered fit based on certain standards. This app will help you assess your fitness level based on 11 health tests. The app will test your fitness level in certain areas such as Balance, Flexibility, Strength, Body Core, Muscle Tone, Body Mass Index, Body Fat Index, Pulse at Rest, Explosiveness, Reaction Speed and Capacity for Effort. Using the app will initially give you access to six tests. As you follow your fitness progress by using the app regularly, you will then gain access to the other five tests for free.

The Fitness Check Up app provides users with clear images and simple and concise instructions on how to do the tests. In case you don’t measure up to the ideal fitness level on certain tests, the app provides exercises on how to improve your physical shape. The app also records your results to help you follow your progress over time. An interesting feature of the app includes using your smartphone camera as a heart rate monitor. It is able to provide heart rhythm readings in real time. This will work in mobile phones equipped with a camera flash.

The Fitness Check Up Android app is a convenient way to monitor your fitness level by using your smartphone. You can effectively manage your health profile by using your mobile phone. The Fitness Check Up app is available for free download at Google Play.

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