Firefox Browser For Android

More and more people are going online using their smartphones and tablets. The popularity of mobile devices and the rapid progress of mobile technology have helped usher in this growing transition of going online. Along with this, new mobile browsers are coming out to give mobile users a better browsing experience online. One of them […]

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Photo Stories Split Pic Android App

Taking pictures on a mobile device has become quite a common activity. It may have even replaced some digital cameras in other people’s pockets. What makes a mobile device a more preferable device for capturing images is its ability to have app like this Photo Stories Split Pic app for Android. The Photo Stories Split […]

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SketchBook Ink Android Tablet App

Using that Android tablet to become more productive is a matter of finding the right apps to upload. There are some things that you may want your tablet to do and would want to add some features to it. The good thing is that there are different applications available for this. For instance, if you […]

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Fitness Check Up Android App

People really need to check now and again if they are fit. There are people who are not too sure how they will hold up in the health and fitness department. Although they are not suffering from any health condition, some people just don’t have the means to determine whether they are healthy and fit. […]

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NQ Mobile Vault Android App

Smartphones and tablets have become the primary devices people use for communication and entertainment. Having it handy makes them convenient devices to use for going online, interact with others and even download or share content. The same convenience also puts them at risk. You can easily lose or misplace your smartphone or tablet. If you […]

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Cubie Messenger Android App

Online chat and messaging has grown beyond the desktop PC. With smartphones and 4G now available, people can now go on online chat and messaging with friends and family even while on the go. The Cubie Messenger Android App makes it more exciting and fun. The Cubie Messenger is a fun online messaging app that […]

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