Hipmunk Flight and Hotel Search iOS App

Traveling can either be a memorable experience or it can be a nightmare, depending on which side of the field you’re on. If you come unprepared for that next trip, then be prepared to experience the latter. But even if you find yourself in that situation, there are tools available like the Hipmunk Flight and […]

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Cubie Messenger Android App

Online chat and messaging has grown beyond the desktop PC. With smartphones and 4G now available, people can now go on online chat and messaging with friends and family even while on the go. The Cubie Messenger Android App makes it more exciting and fun. The Cubie Messenger is a fun online messaging app that […]

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Typing Instructor for Kids

When it comes to using the computer, kids usually find it easy to learn. But what they learn from using it may not be the proper way. Take typing on the computer for example. Most kids learn to type on the computer keyboard by themselves or when playing games on it. In time, they might […]

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